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Exhibition Dates 2019

Trade Exhibitions Germany:

Date Exhibitions Town Country
5.-8.2.2019 Intec Leipzig Germany
12.-21.2.2019 Logimat Stuttgart Germany
19.-22.2.2019 Turning Days Friedrichshafen Germany
10.-12.4.2019 Dreh- und Spantage Villingen-Schw. Germany
21.-24.5.2019 Moulding Expo Stuttgart Germany
27.-31.5.2019 Ligna Hanover Germany
4.-7.6.2019 Transportlogistik Munich Germany
10.-12.9.2019 Composites Europe Stuttgart Germany
16.-21.9.2019 EMO Gühring Hanover Germany
16.-21.9.2019 EMO Berlin Carbide Hanover Germany
16.-21.9.2019 EMO Hollfelder Hanover Germany

Trade Exhibitions Worldwide:

Date Exhibitions Town Country
14.-17.1.2019 SteelFab Sharjah United Arab Emirates
24.-30.1.2019 Imtex Bangalore India
5.-7.2.2019 Southern Manufacturing Farnborough UK
26.-28.2.2019 Houstex Houston USA
5.-8.3.2019 Industrie Lyon Lyon France
12.-16.3.2019 Intermold Ilsan Korea
26.-29.03.19 Metalworking Minsk Belarus
28.-31.3.2019 Die & Mould Shenzhen China
4.-9.3.2019 Timtos Taipei Taiwan
12.-16.3.2019 Intermold Ilsan Korea
27.-29.3.2019 MTMS Brüssel Belgium
15.-20.4.2019 CIMT Peking China
15.-18.4.2019 Mach Tech Metal Expo Sofia Bulgaria
7.-11.5.2019 Expomafe Sao Paulo Brasil
14.-17.5.2019 Austech Melbourne Australia
14.-16.5.2019 Eastec West Springfield USA
14.-17.5.2019 Prodex Basel Switzerland
14.-17.5.2019 Machtech Budapest Hungary
27.-31.5.2019 Metalloobrabotka Moskau Russia
17.-20.7.2019 Manufacturing Surabaya Surabaya Indonesia
19.-22.7.2019 Intermold Bangkok Thailand
28.-1.8.2019 PDMEX Manila Philippines
01.09.2019 CMTS Toronto Canada
01.09.2019 Metalexpo Argentinien Cordoba
7.-11.10.2019 MSV Brünn Czechia
22.-24.10.2019 WITS Wichita USA
23.-26.10.2019 MECT Nagoya Japan
01.11.2019 Industrial Forum Kiev Ukraine
13.-14.11.2019 Metal Madrid Madrid Spain
01.11.2019 Advanced Engineering Birmingham UK
13.-16.11.2019 DAMEX Daegu Korea
20.-23.11.2019 Metalex Bangkok Thailand
28.-30.11.2019 Techindustry Riga Latvia
Decembre 2019 Manufacturing Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia


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