On a deep autumn day, November 24, 2023, Gühring Group held a grand opening ceremony at the new factory in Hanjiang Road, which was built by Guhring (Changzhou) Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gühring Group. Before the formal start of the ceremony, the history of the development of Gühring Group in 125 years and Gühring China in 25 years was displayed on the spot. Among them, there were the hard early stage of entrepreneurship, the prosperity of steady development, and the good prospect of “fresh start and leading the future”. Hard work and development since 125 years are summarized in it. These scenes made the colleagues, customers and partners who attended the ceremony all feel excited.

The ceremony began with an emotional speech by Mr. Oliver Gühring, Chairman of the Gühring Group, who expressed his excitement about the new plant and its potential to drive the company’s growth. “With this new facility, we will embrace the future and lead the industry with our cutting-edge technology and unmatched dedication to quality,” said Mr. Gühring.

Dr. Antje-Katrin Kühnemann, member of the Advisory Board of the Gühring Group, shared her insights on the company’s strategic direction and highlighted the importance of innovation and collaboration in a rapidly changing market. Her speech resonated strongly with the attendees, further demonstrating the company’s solid position at the forefront of the industry.
As a subsidiary of Gühring Group in China, Guhring China has achieved rapid growth in operating performance since its establishment in 1998. The team has grown from only 20 people at the beginning to 450 people today, and its business scope has expanded from the initial sales and regrinding of cutting tools to production of new tools, regrinding and recoating services, intelligent tool management cabinets and tool management services, and provides overall solutions for cutting. The new plant will have an annual production capacity of 1 million cutting tools, with an annual output value of about 300 million yuan.
Mr. Zhang Chao, Vice-Director of Changzhou National Hi-tech District Administrative Committee, who attended the ceremony, praised Guhring China’s investment in the region and contribution to the local economy, and expressed confidence that the new plant will further enhance the city’s reputation as an advanced manufacturing center.
Other leading companies’ representatives in the industry were also invited to attend the ceremony, including Mr. Sebastian Klingler, Chief Technology Officer of Grob Machine Tools (China) Co., Ltd. Mr. Gordon Styles, CEO of Star Rapid Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Mr. Wang Zhibin, General Manager of Shanghai Time Seiko Technology Co., Ltd. Their presentations highlighted the importance of Guhring new plant and the new impetus it brings to cooperation and growth in the industry.