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Perfect reaming in all diameters: ExclusiveLine HR 500 carbide reamer bit

With the HR 500 high-performance reamers, you will find the ideal tool solution for all diameters from 1.97 to 150 mm. To always be able to apply the optimal HR 500 high-performance reamer there is a choice of various HR 500 types.

  • Solid carbide reaming tools up to 42 mm diameter
  • Carbide and cermet tipped reamers up to 150 mm diameter
  • Solid carbide reamers for intermediate dimensions and stepped tools in  HR 500 Active programme

HR 500 – high-performance reamer tools


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HR 500 CAST reamer tool – new solution for the perfect machining of cast iron


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HR 500 cast iron power reamer

for machining GG and GGG

HR 500 Cast reamer bit

Gühring’s HR 500 high-performance cast iron reamer produces surface finish qualities that previously could not be achieved with multi-blade solid carbide reamers.

With consistent casting quality, this reamer offers completely new possibilities for highly efficient reaming of EN-GJL and EN-GJS materials, of course with the usual high cutting speeds. The HR 500 cast iron reamer achieves these outstanding levels thanks to its geometry and extremely hard Gühring Signum coating.

HR 500 GT high-performance reamers

Top performance above Ø 40.00 mm

HR 500 GT adjustable reamer

Also with diameters above 40.00 mm the Gühring HR 500 technology is the first choice for high-performance reaming. Numerous intelligent solutions ensure maximum cutting values and quality also with large diameters:

Diversity for perfect machining results

HR 500 GT reamer  tool heads are available as a semi-standard range with short delivery times in the diameter range > 40.0 to 76.2 mm in the following material specific designs:

  • Carbide-tipped with nanoA coating for stainless steels, steels over 1200N/mm², special alloys and non-ferrous metals
  • Carbide-tipped with Signum-coating when demands are high on surface finish quality, for GG and GGG 60
  • Cermet-tipped for steels up to 1200N/mm² and GGG 40/50

We also manufacture special tools on request according to customer-specific requirements up to Ø 150 mm.

Optimal cooling lubrication

Thanks to the newly developed, patent pending, redirection screw on the face side of HR 500 GT tool heads, the cooling lubricant reliably reaches the cutting edges. A blocking of the coolant exits by the chips is not possible. Thanks to the especially flat design of the redirection screw the machining of blind holes is possible directly up to the base of the hole.

If required the redirection screw can be removed when machining a blind hole.

EXCLUSIVE Line: HR 500 T carbide reamer

Gühring’s HR 500 T reamer is a solid carbide head reamer with a diameter of 14 to 42 mm

HR 500 T carbide reamer

The HR 500 T solid carbide reamer expands the successful solid carbide version of the HR 500 up to a diameter of 42 mm. Thanks to the short, compact solution economically efficient production is ensured. Nevertheless it is possible to fall back on the diverse possibilities of HR 500.

Thanks to the universal HA shank, the HR 500 T can be flexibly combined with standard chucks and numerous extensions, making it very flexible to use. Thanks to this significant advantage expensive special holders are not necessary. This enables a cost-efficient and a very high quality reaming operation.

An overview of your advantages

  • High-performance reamer ensures especially economically efficient production
  • flexible holder possibilities thanks to HA shank
  • simple extension with shrink fit extension or with hydraulic chuck
  • Universal, cast iron or aluminium option

3 Options

  • The standard option for universal application is NanoA-coated
  • The cast option with Signum-coating for application in GG and GGG is available as a special solution
  • With the carbo-coated special solution for the application in aluminium it is possible to machine aluminium wrought alloys or AlSi cast-alloys
  • Various extension possibilities

Extension options – HR 500 T reamer

  • For the application with large reaming depths and for the simple bridging of many bores HR 500 T can be combined with numerous extensions
  • Where a slim tool holder is required and cannot be shrunk, Gühring offers the new hydraulic expansion chuck from Ø 6 mm as a special solution with hollow shank taper or straight shank tool holder in different lengths.
HR 500 T adjustable reamer

Internal cooling

Internal cooling for adjustable reamer HR 500T

Blind hole option

with central coolant duct exit

HR 500 T adjustable reamer

Through hole option

with radial coolant delivery

Flexible combination options – HR 500 T reamer

  • Thanks to the standardised shank to DIN 6535-HA, with short reaming depths HR 500 T can be clamped in conventional hydraulic chucks, shrink fit chucks or other concentricity accurate clamping chucks


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