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Clamping Systems

Precision is a matter of setting-up

From the spindle to the cutting edge: In order to deliver perfect machining results, Gühring provides modular tool holder systems and tools from as single source.

GühroSync tool holders – the best of two systems

Radial and axial inaccuracies with threading operations endanger the quality of components. With the GühroSync clamping system, Gühring provides a synchro tapping chuck combining the advantages of hydraulic and synchro clamping technology and optimally compensates machine deviations – now also with SK, MAS/BT and straight shank.


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Gühring’s tool holder solution


Radial and axial deviations can occur due to various factors during threading operations. On the one hand the synchronisation of the rotating and feed axes diminishes due to wear. On the other hand under certain circumstances there are load peaks and dimensional changes. Through ever higher speeds the dynamic load is also increased in axial and radial direction.


  • GühroSync clamping systems then takes over vibration dampening
  • As syncho tapping chuck  compensates the differences in thread pitch
  • The cnc tool holder also compensates load peaks and prevents a heat-affected machining operation

The combination of metal springs, polymer dampers and hydraulic clamping technology optimally reduces axial and radial forces – this allows tool wear to be reduced by up to 75 percent. Furthermore, the GühroSync cnc tool holder was designed for the world of MQL and wet machining and therefore offers high-end technology at the usual market price.

Thanks to the application of the synchro cnc tool holder  the user achieves a longer tool life, increased cutting parameters, reduced cycle times as well as improved thread quality and reduced tool wear. Small companies benefit from comfortable handling and increased process reliability. In large series production reduced tooling costs are at the forefront.

Induction shrink fit clamping system GSS 3001

Adjusting, shrink fitting and measuring with one device

Outstanding radial concentricity, reliable force and torque transmission as well as simple and quick tool change: Shrink fit cnc tool holders contribute to the high precision and therefore good surface finish quality of the workpieces and as a rule they are more economical than conventional tool holders. Gühring’s induction shrink fit clamping system GS 3001 adds automatic length setting of the tool to these remarkable properties. During the shrink fit process the tool is pre-set to the required length with the assistance of a Pin-unit.

Where Gühring’s GSS 3001 clamping system enables the automatic length setting during the heating process, competitors as a rule require separate operating steps: First the setting and positioning of the stop system in the cold condition in order to then shrink fit on contact.

The setting and measuring accuracy of GS 3001 clamping system is 0.02mm, the expected process time is less than a minute. This provides a cost saving contribution to the overall task “tool pre-setting”.

Tool management and process evaluation with GSS software

The intuitive and user-friendly operation is carried out via 12“ touchscreen and barcode scanner. The software enables comprehensive management possibilities of tool, holder and shrink fit data as well as the associated parameters. All processes on the system can be individually assessed, i.e. depending on data use, for example component, cost centre or user related. This not only increases the efficiency of production but ensures maximum transparency of the manufacturing process.

GSS 3001 tool holders also scores points thanks to the integrated write and read function that together with the Balluff-Chips in the shrink fit clamping system simplify tool identification. Tool life can be easily managed.

GSS 3001 Clamping System
Shrink fitting process
Shrik process for cnc tools

Safe shrink fitting, protecting the environment

The minimal heating up of the shrink fit chuck on the one hand ensures maximum operating safety and on the other hand the gentle heating up secures a long life of the shrink fit chuck. The water driven cooling elements quickly and safely cool down the shrink fit chuck. The shrink fit chuck remains clean and dry so it can be immediately applied without the risk of corrosion. Hot spots remain safely shielded to prevent burning. During the shrink fit process created vapours are extracted and filtered under safe conditions by the fume extractor system.

Advantages of shrink fit technology: Tool holding moves into the spotlight

For several years now a precision tool itself is not seen as decisive factor in the machining of components, the tool holder is also noticeably moving into the spotlight. For many years the shrink fit technology is also proving itself in machining operations in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering industries, where users appreciate the enormous rigidity particularly with drilling. With GSS 3001 the precise 360° clamping of Gühring’s shrink fit chuck ensures a high clamping force and rigidity and guarantees minimal imbalance thanks to rotational symmetry. In addition, excellent concentricity ensures absolutely symmetric cutting edge load, increasing tool life.

Advantages of GSS 3001 clamping system at a glace

  • Perfect 360° clamping for high clamping force and rigidity
  • High repeatable accuracy
  • Minimal imbalance thanks to rotational symmetry
  • Excellent concentricity for symmetric cutting edge load – hence increased tool life
  • Reduced components for reduced expense regarding procurement, storage and management
  • High transferable torque
  • Accurate concentricity
GSS 3001 Clamping System

Clamping Systems & Tool holder application overview

Tool holder & clamping system overview

With our tool holders we set the standards for the future

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Development of HSK interface, pioneer of fine machining

TSG 3000

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The advantages of hydraulic chucks & synchro chucks in one tool holder

MQL Technology

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