SL Hydraulic chucks

Tool holders & clamping devices

Gühring GM 300

Tool holders & clamping devices


The best of two systems: Synchro thread chuck

HMC 3000

Hydro expansion chucks: Extremely fast & precise

Gühring recordings

Gühring recordings for every application

Gühring modules

Modules for finishing (Gühring modules 6×6 and 4×4)

TSG 3000

Thermo Secure Gold 3000 – The high-end shrink chuck

GM 300

Testing and measuring devices for optimum tool clamping

GM 3000

MMS Program: Only the amount of oil that is really needed

Inductive shrink units

Induction shrinking device GSS 2000

Inductive Shrink Units

Induction shrinking device GSS 3001