Highest demands on tool and process

Metal removal rate of up to 90 percent, complexly shaped structural components, high-temperature materials, specifications and standards: Hardly any industry outside the aviation industry where the demands on tools are that multi-layered.

The components applied there also require exact dimensional accuracy and outstanding surface finish quality. To satisfy all these requirements Gühring developed high-performance tools for machining operations in the aircraft sector that enable economically efficient and process reliable machining. The trend in fibre composites is going away from cost-efficient short fibre reinforced glass fibre materials for simple trim components to structural components in high-quality materials with carbon fibres that make the light-weight construction potential of this material group    now optimally usable. Continuous fibres and shaping however pose difficulties for tool manufacturers that have to be compensated by targeted adjustments.

Besides drilling, reaming and countersinking tools in HSS or carbide / with PDC cutting edges we provide special specifically designed tooling systems for the pre-machining and finish machining of components in aluminium, titanium and super alloys as well as sandwich materials for any application task and machine type.

High-lights are also tools for very small holes and shank forms with threads as well as tools for the assembly of aircraft components on riveting systems, robots and drill feed units.

For the wing assembly required highly accurate straight and tapered holes in aluminium and titanium structures we provide tooling solutions for the application on drill feed units.

For milling operations in CFRP and other plastics we manufacture tools with PCD inserts and in coated carbide. For machining of components in aluminium, titanium and nickel based alloys carbide milling cutters are available with specially developed geometries, tool materials and coatings.

As numerous machines in the aviation and aerospace industry continue to possess interfaces for threaded tools, we have developed special shrink fit chucks that are very compact and have a corresponding interface with thread. This way conventional shank tools can be shrink fitted, tool costs can be reduced and brazed tools become superfluous.

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