Finding instead of searching saves money. Tools lying around, but never the right one to hand: searching for tools takes an incredible amount of time. All tools have their place in our tool management cabinets. Tidy, locked, with controlled dispensing. The example calculation shows how much it costs to search for tools every year:

Beispielrechnung Tool Management

1. Buy fewer replacement tools

“Actually, we should already have this tool somewhere” – How many times have you thought about this and still reordered the tool? With an electronic dispensing system, untraceable tools and loss are a thing of the past. Your employees’ awareness of tool consumption is also raised or raised beyond budget limits.

2. Management of measuring and operating equipment

If test equipment is not accurately calibrated and documented, you face real problems – not to mention manufacturing errors – during the next audit. A tool management system supports you in the central storage and tracking of testing and measuring equipment. In the software, you define calibration intervals and log measurement results.

3. Identify potential savings

With a TM system, you have a complete overview of your total tool costs: You can create monthly consumption reports and infographics and evaluate them according to different criteria such as storage unit, period, product, cost centre, tool type, etc.

4. Faster order planning

Plan your production orders more efficiently: Define tool parts lists instead of individual components, view a history of component parts lists and use all tool data such as 2D drawings and CAD models.

5. Simplified regrinding management

Regrinding is generally cheaper than a new purchase. The TM software records all tool data, such as the remaining tool life or the number of regrinds to date. The software can also automatically trigger a regrinding job.

6. 20 % less process costs when purchasing tools

How much time do you spend ordering standard items? Too much. Enter minimum stock levels for your common tools in the tool management software and the system automatically reorders if stock levels fall below the minimum – no more oversupply or undersupply.

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