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Eine Person druckt ein Bauteil mit dem 3D-Drucker

Diamond nozzle: 50 kg Carbon – limitless printing

CR-3D is a leading complete supplier in the field of additive manufacturing and develops and produces all necessary components for 3D printing in industrial environments. Gühring supplies the heart of this type of machine: the diamond printer nozzle.

Ein Farbtank mit einem rotierenden Mischer, der VHM-Fräser von Gühring und Gesprächssituationen zwischen Mitarbeitenden von Gühring und Ystral

Gühring milling cutter in the mix: Trochoidal milling in high-alloyed stainless steel

When milling wing supports made of austenitic chromenickel steel, milling cutters at ystral gmbh fail after just one component. A solid carbide milling cutter from Gühring ensures the necessary process reliability.

Eine Frau schiebt Hartmetall-Teile zum Sintern in einen Ofen

5 reasons why you should rely on Gühring for carbide

Gühring’s carbide portfolio offers wide variety. Thanks to our expertise, we guarantee that you can rely on the high quality of the products. Read on to learn about the benefits for you as a carbide customer.

Zwei Firmen fusionieren beim Thema Hartmetall

Gühring carbide from a single source: German Carbide and Konrad Friedrichs are merging

The carbide brands German Carbide, Berlin Carbide, G-Elit and Konrad Friedrichs are merging. The amalgamation of these brands will not only change the carbide industry, but also strengthen Gühring’s customer base and market position.

Tool Management mit der GTMS

Digitalisation for experts: The GTMS Logistics Pro module

Optimise your production and reduce tool costs with the Logistics Pro module for Gühring Tool Management Software. The advanced module enables you to achieve efficient warehouse management, inventory support and also paperless communication.

Beratungssituation zwischen zwei Personen in der Produktion

4000 components, instead of 40: Unbeatable tool lives with the high-performance reamer

KIPP was facing a challenge: Their cast-steel products need to be equipped with through-holes with µ-level precision. With the HR 500 high-performance reamer, KIPP no longer has to worry about poor dimensional accuracy or short tool lives.


Everything under control? The GTMS basic module

Optimise your manufacturing process with Gühring Tool Management Software (GTMS). Effortlessly monitor tool usage and inventory levels, avoid the build-up of unused stock and increase efficiency. The GTMS basic module offers full control.

Ein Gühring VHM Fräser beim Trochoidalfräsen

Fast and dynamic: Trochoidal milling in mould making

One milling strategy has proven to be particularly successful for mould making, where sometimes very hard materials have to be machined in the shortest possible time: GTC milling. This form of trochoidal milling results in particularly long tool lives during machining.

Magnesiumbearbeitung mit PKD-Werkzeugen von Gühring

Combating wear with diamond: Magnesium machining in e-mobility

A customer encounters wear problems in the production of magnesium parts for electric motors: With special diamond tools, Gühring increases the tool life from weeks to a year. This saves the company time and money.

Der Gühring Gesamtkatalog als Schweizer Taschenmesser

Gühring General Catalogue: Swiss pocket knife for your success

One for all, all in one – Meet the new General Catalogue from Gühring. It contains everything you need for success: All tools for your machining tasks, including accessories and cutting data.

Ready for a new chapter

Ready for a new chapter

A total of 34 apprentices and students recently successfully completed their training at Gühring in Albstadt and Laiz. The examination certificates and diplomas were presented at a small celebration – including seven prizes and two commendations.

Gühring becomes a member of VDWF

Gühring becomes a member of VDWF

Gühring is now a member of the Association of German Tool and Mould Makers. By becoming a member of the strongest trade association in the sector, we aim to further expand our commitment in this field and seek to exchange ideas on level ground.

Four times more threads with hard milling

Four times more threads with hard milling

Tools for punching sheet metal have to withstand a lot. Hago Feinwerktechnik GmbH therefore uses materials of up to 66 HRC in its own toolmaking facilities. Here, two Gühring tools not only impress with low wear, but also with considerable cost savings.