Eine Frau schiebt Hartmetall-Teile zum Sintern in einen Ofen

As one of the largest carbide manufacturers of hard metal in the world, Gühring produces carbide of the highest quality – made in Germany. The Gühring carbide warehouse contains more than three million carbide items, including both blanks for rotating tools and moulds according to individual customer requirements.

Gühring’s mission for carbide grades is the same as for tools: to decrease demand while improving performance through durability. High-quality carbide is the most sustainable solution because it helps to reduce wear and, as a result, lowers material and energy consumption.

5 reasons to choose Gühring carbide

Eine Hand greift nach unterschiedlichen Hartmetall-Rohlingen

1. Variety: The largest sintered product range on the market

Whether your focus is on precision, durability or versatility, Gühring offers an extensive range of high-quality carbide products to perfectly meet your needs. The product range covers a wide range of carbide solutions, from high-precision bars up to 40 mm in diameter to wear parts and customised special parts. This huge range of Gühring products allows you to find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

2. Quality: Carbide from the market leader

With high-quality carbide, which Gühring also uses for its own tools , the tool manufacturer provides you with assurance that all carbide products are the result of decades of its own experience. This not only guarantees a long tool life, but also superior performance for your demanding applications. Because as a manufacturer and user, Gühring knows exactly what’s important when it comes to carbide.

Ein Mitarbeiter hält zwei Hartmetall-Rohlinge in den Händen
Ein Mitarbeiter begutachtet einen langen Hartmetall-Stab

3. Expertise: Advice from the tool manufacturer

As a reliable expert, Gühring Carbide not only offers you products, but also partners that promote your success. Personal advice guarantees that you get the perfect carbide for your individual tasks. Get carbide with Gühring. With Gühring, you not only get high-quality products, but also personal advice from the market leader.

4. Locally sourced: Quality “made in Germany”

Gühring’s extensive range of carbide grades is backed by production facilities in Berlin and Bavaria. This is where carbide parts are manufactured with the highest precision and using the latest technologies.

Nahaufnahme eines Hartmetall-Stabs mit Kühlkanälen
Hartmetallteile in unterschiedlichsten Formen

5. Individuality: Our special parts

In addition to our standard range, we offer carbides for your specific application – please contact us for more information. Our expert sales team will be happy to answer your questions – and we can deliver you a bespoke solution.

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