A total of 34 apprentices and students recently successfully completed their training at Gühring in Albstadt and Laiz. The examination certificates and diplomas were presented at a small celebration – including seven prizes and two commendations.



Azubi-Abschluss Winter 2023

Qualifying as industrial mechanics, Felix Baisch, David Becker, Leander Blum, Nick Laburin, Julia Lorenz, Pierre Lorrain, Marco Mauz, Daniel Wille, Christopher Hajdu, Simon Schachtschneider, Luis Benjamin Wormer and Markus Boss completed their training in Albstadt. Other industrial mechanics including Philipp Deschle, Dennis Dreher, Lars Engel, Aleksandar Justin, Till Klasen, David Lindner, Lukas Mors, Eric Neigum, Justin Weber and Jannes Wetterer completed their training in Laiz. Alexander Bitzer, Sedat Kocak, Daniel Nencl and Finn Wittich are now precision tool mechanics. Tim Abt, Marten Grabow and Nicolas Wittke completed their training as mechatronics engineers in Albstadt. Jakob Halder, Ralf Pusch and Stefan Veser completed their training as mechatronics engineers in Laiz. Renee Lissy graduated with a degree in Business Administration, while Julius Krieg graduated in Industrial Engineering.

But with so “few” graduates, how does Gühring manage to train over 50 young people at its Albstadt and Laiz sites each year? Due to different course durations or shortened apprenticeship periods, there are graduation ceremonies at the beginning of the year, in the summer and in late autumn – so, there is reason to celebrate all year round.

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