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FT 200 U in Action

FT 200 U: New three-fluted cutter ensures maximum feed rate

Higher feed rate thanks to a third cutting edge? This is what is promised by a new drill from Gühring. The problem of chip removal is resolved by an optimised flute profile and coolant ducts with a particularly large cross-section.

Der neue Flachbohrer RT 100 FB in Aktion

Save one working step when drilling on inclined surfaces

The new RT 100 FB flat drill is our specialist for challenging spot drilling situations and eliminates the need to face with a milling cutter. This saves one process step and one tool when drilling on inclined or curved surfaces.

Mikro-Gewindefräser MTMH3-Z

1 component, 3 milling cutters: Hard machining in mould making

In mould making, there is a trend towards harder and therefore more difficult-to-machine materials. A reference customer machined a mould insert for an injection moulding tool. We will show you which tools are used for this here.

Patrick Matysiak und Jürgen Knorr

Mill products yourself instead of buying-in expensive ones: How a Swabian company is cutting costs

A 130 % price increase for a blank presents economic problems for a customer. The solution? Do-it-yourself – with a brand-new machining strategy and tools from Gühring. The result: 50 % savings per component.

Knochenplatte unter der Lupe

Top performance in titanium: Micro Diver impresses in the medical sector

Expertise and flexibility – both are essential when there are problems to solve. And this was also clear in the case of hg medical: Where conventional tools quickly reach their limits when it comes to wear, a Gühring micro-precision milling cutter slots for 1100 minutes in titanium.

Tool shank and clamping chuck: Perfect concentricity thanks to a suitable clamping surface

The interaction between the tool shank and clamping chuck is important for perfect concentricity. In this article, we will introduce you to the different clamping surfaces HA, HB and HE and explain the consequences of choosing the wrong clamping surface.

Ein Bauteil, fünf Stechwerkzeuge

Grooving tools in practice: one workpiece, five solutions

The goal of many machinists is to process a complete component with as few tools as possible. Especially with complex parts, several working steps are necessary – and each one has its challenges. Our turning and grooving tools are ready to take them on.

Aston Martin by Gühring und Blaser

“Licence to mill”: Bond car milled from solid material

Bringing together the three best products makes the perfect process. Gühring and Blaser have combined an MQL oil with a solid carbide corner radii milling cutter and a tool holder. And showcase the advantages that collaborative engineering can yield.

Formenbau bei Hago

Four times more threads with hard milling

Tools for punching sheet metal have to withstand a lot. Hago Feinwerktechnik GmbH therefore uses materials of up to 66 HRC in its own toolmaking facilities. Here, two Gühring tools not only impress with low wear, but also with considerable cost savings.

Ein gutes Team: Die Mitarbeiter von Gühring und Hennecke testen gemeinsam den RF 100 Speed

Tool life up, costs down: three tools for higher parameters

Enjoy longer tool lives and save money at the same time: Hennecke from Sankt Augustin is managing to do that together with Gühring. Three SC highlight products show why the machine and system manufacturer relies almost exclusively on Gühring for milling.

The new StepPower: circular holes by hand

The new StepPower: circular holes by hand

Conventional handheld drills require a lot of force which can result in non-circular holes or annoying burrs at the hole exit. The new StepPower twist drill from Gühring masters these challenges. Its unique design ensures precise, circular holes.

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