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You cannot make phone calls, but need technical support? No problem: we will give you advice immediately in our expert chat. You will receive live assistance from a machining professional or a customer care representative in our live chat.

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Expert answers in the chat function

In the expert chat at or our online shop, competent professionals are waiting to provide you with answers for all of your issues: do you need technical advice on tools, cutting data and troubleshooting? Or help searching for 3D drawings or CAD data? Then get in touch with our machining professionals directly. Our support team will be happy to answer any administrative questions about the shop or your user account.

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You may find the answers right here.

Where can I find the expert chat?

Chat support is available both on the website and in the Gühring online shop. To access the chat, click on the yellow speech bubble icon in the lower right corner of your window. All you have to do is confirm our privacy policy, choose if you want technical support or customer service and then enter your question in the text box.

Will I be writing to chatbots?

No, with Gühring, you don’t have to contend with annoying chatbots. There are also no pre-selections provided by bots or set response options. You immediately write to a representative from our customer care team. You can even choose in advance whether your request should be assigned to the support or technology team – either way, we will provide you with the right contact person and solve your problem.

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We will advise you immediately via our free service hotline. We guarantee telephone support without queues.



If you need help quickly, we are available for you via WhatsApp and will help you personally and competently.