Ein gutes Team: Die Mitarbeiter von Gühring und Hennecke testen gemeinsam den RF 100 Speed
Enjoy longer service lives and save money at the same time: Hennecke GmbH is managing to do just that to­gether with Gühring. Three highlight products show why the machine and system manufacturer relies almost exclusively on Gühring for milling.
Hennecke GmbH is a global leader in the production of machines, systems and tech­nologies for the processing of polyurethane. Whether in cars, clothing or furniture – the synthetic substance is an indispensable part of everyday life. With a broad product portfolio, Hennecke not only caters to the diverse properties of polyurethane, but can also adapt the necessary machine and sys­tem technology and process technologies to customer-specific requirements. Flexible and powerful tools are a must for the man­ufacturer.
But flexibility and performance are not the only criteria that Hennecke looks at when purchasing tools. With a focus on cost-ef­fectiveness, the company based in Sankt Augustin is constantly striving to make pro­cesses more efficient while also reducing costs. And this is precisely where Gühring proves itself to be a reliable partner that doesn’t just supplies tools – it also helps to uncover hidden savings potential: “A standstill in process optimisation results in a backlog. Hennecke therefore runs con­tinuous series of tests, whether in milling, drilling, reaming or grooving,” says Marcel Horn, sales representative. “As a result, a number of machining operations were com­pletely changed and improved.” This applies particularly to the field of milling. Hennecke now purchases almost all of its milling tools from Gühring.
Als technologischer Partner berät Gühring Hennecke in Produktionsfragen.

Double the tool life

Werkzeuge von Gühring
Inspired by the savings potential in drilling tools, Hennecke was also eager to optimise milling. And it hit the mark with the RF 100 Speed P solid carbide milling cutter. The cutter easily replaces the previous tool: “We switched to the RF 100 Speed P without adjusting the cutting values. As a result, we were able to double tool life immediate­ly,” explains Tobias Hörger, planning engi­neer at Hennecke. Although the previous milling cutter from the competitor had worked, in retrospect it would not have been competi­tive from a cost perspective.

The RF 100 Speed P is characterised by high metal removal rates and stable pro­cess reliability. Even in materials that are dif­ficult to machine. The uneven blade pitch of the RF 100 Speed P also improves run­ning smoothness in HPC milling and leads to excellent surface quality. The stable cut­ting edge corners with corner chamfer and correction of the front offer optimum pro­tection against wear. This results in a lon­ger tool life, which benefits Hennecke.

Four times the cutting speed

And another application case also shows how a Gühring milling cutter reveals undis­covered potential. When sales representa­tive Marcel Horn presented the RF 100 Diver to Hennecke, the new product quickly im­pressed with extreme cutting values: When manufacturing a terminal block, the RF 100 Diver outperformed a previous 16 mm end mill from a competitor by a factor of four. The Diver, which was perfectly suited to the terminal block’s heat-resistant material, can produce the component at a cutting speed of 450 m/min, whereby the previ­ous tool could only achieve a maximum of 120 m /min.
The time saved per component is over twelve minutes. But this is just one of many examples. “With the Diver, we produce around 1,400 related components every year with a similar level of savings,” Hörger says. Switching to the Diver was also straightfor­ward and helped to save time: “We could simply take the cutting values from the Nav­igator.”
VHM-Fräser RF 100 Diver
The Diver im­pressed Hennecke not only with its excellent cutting values and tool life, but also with its versatility in ramping, drilling, slotting, rough­ing and finishing – and with optimum chip re­moval and tool stability. As such, the Diver performs particularly well as a three-flute design, even under difficult machining con­ditions.
“We were struggling with vibrations on a machine that we couldn’t control with other tools, even when we corrected the cut­ting parameters. With the RF 100 Diver, we were able to machine much faster without any vibrations,” recalls Tobias Hörger. Due to the uneven distribution of the cutting edges, hardly any vibrations are able to occur.

Half the machining time

Hennecke recently started using the high-per­formance RF 100 VA end mill: Another example of a tool that enables the customer to benefit from higher metal removal rates and tool lives. When manufacturing a mixing head blank, the RF 100 VA doubled the previous cutting speed from 90 m/min to 180 m/min, saving an impressive 9 minutes per compo­nent. This tool is particularly suitable for soft, ductile and stainless steels. The milling cutter impresses with its smooth running, optimum chip re­moval and stable cutting edge cor­ners. “We were able to achieve good results using the RF 100 VA in high-al­loy stainless steel,” says Hörger.

Uncovering potential with Gühring

Hennecke shows that the search for a bet­ter alternative does not always have to be preceded by complications. Gühring always sees itself as a technology partner for its customers. With the common goal of en­hancing processes on an ongoing basis. While other manufacturers stick to estab­lished processes, Hennecke is exploiting hidden potential through foresight. And, as a result, it is able to reduce costs and machin­ing times across several tool categories and significantly extend tool lives. In addition to milling cutters, the company now also uses numerous grooving systems as well as micro and deep hole drills, combined with the same advantages: Time and cost sav­ings.

Gühring shows that changing tools in this way can be easy. In many places, Hen­necke was able to replace the tools directly and has already noticed significant improve­ments. With the cutting data that Gühring provides free of charge via the Navigator, the customer also saves precious time during setup. And all this without any compromis­es, because the need for top quality never loses its priority.

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